SAL FALGIANO'S SHERYL CROW NEWS - One online chat video & eight classic Crow videos (YouTube) below. ads start B4 each video :(

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Crow's Music over 20 YRS PLUS: A list which includes pics -> CLICK HERE Y'ALL! (from a message board) --> link written @ 3:30 am ET on a sleepless night in Buffalo, NY - boo hiss, oh well.

Crow Bootleg Album Covers - this is a wow - Click Here.

*** All Music Videos/Movie Clips posted on this site, may take a second or two, to load & show up on your screen. This can sometimes happen w/ slower running internet modems.

SC's one hour fan chat presented by Tom's - my question is at 38:44.

I'm not a bragger, just very very grateful that she answered my question. Thanks 2 Aleks 4 the utube version.

More to come...

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