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41st Grammy Awards- Feb. 24, 1999

Photo by E! Online.

Thanks again to Tomalak for the six photos below. See after "Backstage @ The Grammies" Ms. Crow's speech, and Allstar Daily News!!

Backstage at the Grammys: posted by Reuters/Variety- Feb. 24, 1999
Sheryl Crow was one of the few artists to mention the Universal-PolyGram merger. Crow, whose third A&M Records release, ``The Globe Sessions,'' won the prize for best rock album, said: ``I wanted to win because this is the closing of an era. This is closure for the label, having won. I have been a poster child for my label.''

Crow, who was nominated for producer of the year, said it was a good year for that category but when women are nominated they are greeted with ``a lot of skepticism.''

``I suffered it, I watched it with Alanis Morissette, and I watched it with Joan Osborne. Now it's Lauryn Hill. Her record is very focused, but that's kind of the nature of the business.''

Sheryl's speech after winning Best Rock Album, provided by E! Online:

"I was on A&M records until a few months ago," said Crow, referring to the recent music industry shakeup that claimed her longtime label. "Everybody there at the label really worked with me...I have to thank the label for helping me develop as an artist from the ground up."

Allstar Daily News- Best Rock Album winner Sheryl Crow discussed her concerns about the state of the music industry today. On the aftermath of the recent PolyGram/ Universal merger, she said, "I think it's going to change the music business entirely. We're going to see a lot of independent labels crop up, which can be good."

However, she said she fears that the major labels won't spend as much time developing artists. She
wanted to win a Grammy this night to mark the end of an era with her record label, A&M, which was folded in the merger. "It's closure for me, closure of my record label," said Crow. "I'm sort of a poster child for my label, and it's the end of an era. It was nice to stand up and say this belongs to the people who were there for me and watched me grow." On the MP3 issue, Crow said she has "deep concerns" that it will "do away with the album in general... It will change the face of making a creative statement."