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Updated for Tuesday, January 27th, 1998.

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Sheryl Strong Enough pic after 40th Annual Grammy Awards section, see below.

In the Feb. 19th, 1998 issue of Rolling Stone is a picture of Sheryl & Stevie Nicks @ the R & R Hall Of Fame induction ceremony. Photo & review of the show are on p. 14. Information provided by Rolling Stone Magazine.

SC & her guitarist Todd Wolf wrote a song for Stevie Nicks called Somebody Stand By Me available on the Boys On The Side soundtrack. In the booklet for the CD, Stevie writes "Special thanks to Sheryl Crow for not only writing a great song, but also for being involved early and being the first to deliver" Ms. Crow's cover track Keep On Growing is also on the CD. Information provided by Arista Records.

SC's Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Quotes - "Mick Fleetwood happened to be in the audience, (at one of Sheryl's early shows) and he came up to me and he said only one thing. 'You remind me of Stevie Nicks' and I had made it," Quotes provided by MTV Online.

The ceremony was held at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in N.Y. on Monday, Jan.12th. Other inductees included the Eagles & Santana. Information provided by Wall Of Sound Online.

Lilith Fair @ Coral Sky Amp. is reviewed in the Performance section (unmarked pp. 27 & 28) of the Feb. 5th issue of Rolling Stone. Mariah Carey is featured on the cover. Information provided by RS.

On the track Everyday Sheryl is joined by former Crowded House lead singer Neil Finn on vocals. Producer Mitchell Froom (Tomorrow Never Dies) also helped the band on some of their hit tracks including Something So Strong & Don't Dream It's Over. Sheryl opened some shows for Crowded House in 1994.

The band's 1996 lineup was Neil Finn- Guitar & Vocals, Nick Seymour- Bass & Vocals, Mark Hart- Guitars, Keyboards & Vocals. They released a greatest hits CD called Recurring Dreams- The Very Best Of Crowded House. Information provided by A&M Records & Capitol Records .

The 40th Annual Grammy Awards: Everyday Is A Winding Road is up for Record Of The Year! Fiona Apple did the honors at Radio City Music Hall announcing the Record of the Year Nominees Tuesday morning -Jan. 6th. To see all this years' nominees click on the Grammy 1998 link @ the bottom of this site. Information provided by The 40th Annual Grammy Awards Nominations List & E! News Special.

Lilith Fair '97 was voted the 3rd best tour by the Rolling Stone Readers' Poll in the Jan. 22nd issue. The Rolling Stones- Bridges To Babylon Tour was voted #1. Best New Artist Nominee Fiona Apple is on the cover. Information provided by Rolling Stone Magazine.

Sheryl Crow is #34 on Billboard's 200 Top Albums for 1997. Information provided by Billboard Online.

Baby Don't Go the duet w/ Dwight Yokam & Sheryl was played New Years Day on a Country music station named Kiss. I heard the song right after LongNeck Bottle by Garth Brooks. Baby Don't Go is available on Dwight's CD of cover songs called Under The Covers released by Epic Records.

Sheryl's guitarist Jeff Trott was in a band called Wire Train & in 1992 they recorded the album No Soul No Strain. Strain was produced by Bill Bottrell (TNMC). The band's 1992 lineup was Kevin Hunter- Vocals, Brian MacLeod- drums (also on TNMC & Sheryl Crow), Anders Rundblad-bass & Jeff Trott- guitars. Information provided by MCA Records, Music Blvd, & the Ultimate Band List.

Tomorrow Never Dies- the single was written by Sheryl & Mitchell Froom, production & additional keyboards also by Mr. Froom. Piano by SC, Drums- Pete Thomas, Guitar- Steve Donnelly, Acoustic Bass- Greg Cohen, Strings- Mark D. Feldman, Lorenzo Ponce, Dylan Fitzgerald, Juliann Klopotic, Jane Scarpantoni & Matthew Pierce. The track was recorded by Steve Rosenthal, mixed by Tchad Blake @ Sunset Sound Factory, Los Angeles, CA. Information provided by TND Soundtrack.

Sheryl on Charlie Rose (12/1/97) : SC discussed working on Tomorrow Never Dies, how exciting it was for her since she is such a big fan of James Bond movies. She said that working with an orchestra was a treat because it allowed her to work in a different genre. The Lilith Fair was discussed & how at first she was skeptical because of reaction she had received about joining an all female tour. Saying how some people in the record business felt it might not be a huge money maker.

Sheryl also talked about the success of the tour, explaining it was in part due to most of the artists on the bill having Top Ten singles at the time. Recording Sheryl Crow was relaxing for SC because she could just record in the studio & not really worry about what the finished product would be. Sheryl mentioned wanting to start her own record label & to be a mother. The interview was a very interesting look at a great artist, I believe will be around for a long time.

Sheryl on Sessions @ West 54th (11/29/97) - SC performed in the last half hour of the program. Among many highlights for me was Ms. Crow's powerful track I Shall Believe & her cover of a Leonard Cohen song played in the memory of the late Jeff Buckly. An emotional & heartfelt performance by Sheryl. The show's theme is composed by Mitchell Froom, production assist on the SC tracks Oh Marie & Hard To Make A Stand. Information provided by Sessions & RockOnTV.

SC Entertainment Weekly Quotes- "I've had tons of acting offers. But for me to blow my credibility as a musician by displaying how horrible an actress I can be would not be too intelligent" Quotes from EW's Best of 1994 issue.

Sheryl's friends the Eagles were inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame this year. Henley first encouraged SC to record her own solo material. She is on his CDs Greatest Hits- Actual Miles & The End of The Innocence. The tracks are "Garden of Allah" for Hits & "If Dirt Were Dollars" for Innocence. Ms. Crow appears in Don's video Last Worthless Evening. Information provided by MTV.

Pictures (1 to r) Tomorrow video, MTV Unplugged & SC @ Lilith Fair '97.

Quotes - in Sheryl's words from Q Magazine : "I've been asked to write the main theme to the new Bond movie, Tomorrow Never Dies, which is a great honour. I'm a big Bond fan and I find all those hugely dramatic, highly suspenseful pieces fascinating. I'd like to get back to the original feel of those '60s themes and do something that is part lounge music and part what I do." The video is now being played on MTV & VH1. A 30 second wav of the song is @ the bottom of this site. Wav provided by United International Pictures & A&M Records. The preview for Tomorrow is now being advertised on TV & in moviehouses.

In an interview for Q Magazine in 1996, Sheryl commented on her career saying "I would rather have made it at 20. It would be nice to have a body of twelve albums to look back on."

Reprise Records has released Live on Letterman: Music from the Late Show CD w/ Sheryl's Strong Enough!! Other artists on the CD include the Dave Matthews Band- Too Much, Lou Reed-Sweet Jane, REM- Crushed w/ Eyeliner & Jewel -You Were Meant For Me. Information provided by The Late Show w/ David Letterman & PR Newswire.

Ms. Crow in her nomination film clip @ the MTV Europe Music Awards said surprisingly "I never really wanted to be a singer. In fact, I still don't like the sound of my voice. For me, its kinda annoying because no one really sings their songs better then themselves" Information & quotes provided by MTV.

SNP's Brand New says Cheryl "Salt" James Image track w/ Sheryl may not have been on previous albums 'Brand New is more an expression who we are instead of someone dictating the music' The group formerly was with longtime producer Hurby Azor but due to arguments over royalties & artistic direction, they went to Red Ant Records. The next SNP's CD says Sandra "Pepa" Denton 'I would like to see the next album be more inspirational' Information & quotes from USA Today.

Imagine off of the new album is a very different track with a hip-hop beat & Sheryl's strong vocals mixed in with R&B. The mix on the track was very well done by Joseph Powell layering SC's voice w/ an artist by the name of K.E.I. Sheryl sings the line "I Can't Breathe" a couple of times which you may remember was the original title for the song some months back.

Recording took place @ The Hit Factory, NY. Mixing took place @ Tone X Recording in Washington, DC & The Basement, Inc in Dix Hills, NY. New was produced & written by Cheryl "Salt" James. Information provided by Red Ant Entertainment, Island Records & London Records.

SC Imports: Everyday Is A Winding Road, Home, A Change & Hard to Make A Stand are all 3-CD sets in the U.K. Each CD contains various live tracks & LP singles. The CDs may be available @ your local record store in the imports section. If not, your local record chain may be able to special order them for you. Sheryl Crow Live from London the videocassette is also available for the hefty price of $72 American. Information provided by A&M Records & Music Blvd Online.

Lilith Fair Info: Sheryl has been added to Lilith Fair '98 & the double CD of Lilith '97 will be released in March '98. Information provided by L.A. Times, MTV News, MTV Online, Addicted To Noise & Lilith Fair Official Site.

A new biography titled Building A Mystery- The Story of Sarah McLachlin & Lilith Fair by Judith Fitzgerald is now available in bookstores. Information provided by MTV Live.

Special SC CD: This review was written by Amanda from NYC- "I expected Sheryl's Blue Christmas track to be more rock & roll based but it was a change of pace for her, slow & soft. She sings in a higher pitch on the song & adds harmonica to it as well. The track was recorded in Tokyo, Japan! Other standout tracks on the cd include a live track by Dave Matthews & a new song called Ave Maria by ex-front man Chris Cornell of Soundgarden."

MTV Unplugged Book w/ Sheryl: Ms. Crow is in MTV's Unplugged Book. The book contains 3 huge pictures of Sheryl's show. Also it has a collection of pictures & quotes from various shows.' Unplugged' is shaped to look like a huge guitar neck, selling for a very expensive $60 American & $65 Canadian.

MTV News Quotes: SC said the following comments on her excitement about the SNP CD: "We would wind up on the same TV shows a lot, & wound up being very close friends. They would do dance routines to 'All I Wanna Do' & we were always partying to their music, & then they called me & asked me to play on their record. I am so anxious for it to come out, because the stuff I heard them doing is so amazing, & they produced it themselves. It's kind of a return to old R&B with a really fresh twist to it." My thanks to MTV News!

SC Quotes: Sheryl in a 1997 interview said "I'm sorta at a point now where I'm looking at my life & wondering why I've never been married. I'm sort of looking at my life & experiencing some regent, wondering if I'd gone down this road, instead of that road, what my life would have been like" My thanks to the great people @ Postnet, St. Louis Post-Dispatch for these quotes.

Interesting Facts: Sheryl has traveled more then 11,000 miles & performed in more then 40 cities! She said that too much time on the road causes her "to lose touch with reality." Her cure is watching the news or going home to visit her therapist. Also SC's full name is Sheryl Suzanne Crow. Information provided by VH1.

The Jones Beach review from NYC-opening night Aug. 15th, 1997 written by Amanda:
I loved Sheryl so much, the atmosphere I had to adjust to because I like seeing her in a smaller venue rather then a larger amphitheater. It was a humid night and it was perfect being right by the ocean. Michael Penn (the first opening act) was really great . He played with a 4 piece band for a 40 minute set. Wilco was really good & they played a 50 minute set.

Then Sheryl came on in a blue metallic vest with a tight white tank top. Also she wore tight metallic pants and looked beautiful. Her hair was down and frizzy. During "Can't Cry Anymore", almost everyone stood up & danced. I was in total bliss, I also noticed that the stage was right on the water & that you had to take a boat to get backstage. It was something really different for me to see.

When Sheryl did the "Na Na Song" the power went out! It was like music & time just stopped. Sheryl said after power was restored, "Wow...was that God!" It's a sign man, it's some kind of sign." The show started @ 7:30 p.m. and ended around 11:30p.m.

Sheryl got rid of her pink tour bus now she has a really big bus with blue streaks on the side! It also had dark windows and white lines. The night was beautiful, the high point of my life! I hope you all can have a chance to see Sheryl & her band. Sincerely, Amanda.

Sheryl's set list & instruments she played on opening night:

If It Makes You Happy (acoust. guitar)

Hard To Make A Stand (acoustic guitar)

Vegas (acoustic g)

A Change (Acoustic G)

Run Baby Run

Redemption Day (Acoust G).

Can't Cry (Tambourine)

Home (keyboards)

Winding Road (switched between both guitar & harmonica)

All I Wanna Do (Electr. Guitar)

Na Na Song (tambourine and moraccas)

I Shall Believe

Encores: Strong Enough (accordion), Ordinary Morning (keyboards) & Money (That's What I Want) -Harmonica.

Special thanks again to Amanda!

The Houston Show written by Deb from Sept. 13th, 1997: Wilco was great they are really rockin' these days. At the end of their set Sheryl, dressed in faded overalls, and her band came out & started dancing. Really spontaneous & funny.

Sheryl came out dressed in a light blue sorta denim colored suit. I think it was linen, with the jacket lined in red. She immediately took off the jacket after the first song. It was really hot and humid, they had to use towels to keep the instruments & themselves dry.

Sheryl wore a velvet black/purple tank top underneath. I had second row orchestra seats. Great view!! During "No One Said It Would Be Easy" Sheryl said 'I hardly ever play this song live, but I feel like it tonight so here ya go' It was very moving & everyone became really quiet. They were drawn into the emotion of Sheryl's somewhat pensive delivery. "Maybe Angels" SC said 'How many of ya'll believe in angels?' The crowd cheered. 'Cool, me too. How many of ya'll believe Jim Morrison's still alive?' Some people cheered. She laughed "Well, I'm not so sure I believe in that one"

"Winding Road"-everyone was standing & singing it was really cool! I was playing air guitar at this point. Only then Todd went over to Sheryl & whispered something to her & pointed to me! Then I realized what I had been doing, I was really embarrassed. Sheryl smiled, laughed & screamed to him 'yeah but she's got the chords down' It was funny though.

Sheryl left the stage , returned w/ Wilco & did two encores. Sheryl & Todd mentioned to the two folks in front of me to scoot out of my way. Then the coolest thing happened, they both tossed me a pick. Todd tossed his first & some guy grabbed it cause I missed it. Sheryl saw this & told a staff person to hand it to me. She smiled & give me the thumbs up sign.

My special thanks to Deb!

The set list: Sweet Rosalyn (Acoust. Guitar)

Run Baby Run (Acoust. G)

A Change (Acoustic)

Leaving Las Vegas (Acoustic)

Hard to Make A Stand (slower acoust. version)

Winding Road (Acoust. G)

If It Makes You Happy (Acoustic)

Maybe Angels (keyboards)

Home (KB)

Encores: Strong Enough (accordion) & Money (That's What I Want) Harmonica

Ron Sexsmith CD: Sheryl is on the brilliant Ron Sexsmith CD Other Songs. She plays accordion on the track "Honest Mistake" which is a super short song coming in at 2 and a half minutes.
The CD itself is 40 minutes long. Ron sounds like Chris Isaac & Bob Dylan put together.
It is produced by Mitchell Froom who is married to Suzanne Vega- she had many hit songs including Luka!

Sheryl pictures: TNMC, Grammy Winner Crow - USA Today , Signature Pic, VH1 Honors '97, People Magazine & Entertainment Weekly.

Entertainment Weekly Cover w/ Fiona Apple (performed a great show here in Buffalo, Oct. 28th), Joan Osborne, Sheryl Crow & Sarah McLachlan.

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Note: I don't promote at all the selling/trading/bootlegging of any Sheryl Crow idems on this site!

Site dedicated to all the troops over in Bosnia & to all the visitors of this site.

I was lucky to get a personally signed autograph from Ms.Crow! The picture is a live concert shot of her in a white cut-off shirt & short black leather pants. The autograph says " Cheers!! To Steve- Sheryl Crow"-thanks Sheryl for giving me your autograph!

Sheryl will begin recording her 3rd CD at the end of year for early 1998 release as confirmed from Sheryl herself in "Interview" Magazine!

Sheryl's Rocktropolis Chat in July & August when I had the chance to talk to her, my questions:

Did you enjoy Bosnia?

SC:"Very rewarding & humbling for me to play there"

Did you enjoy teaching disabled children (in St. Louis) ?

SC:"I loved teaching them!"

Did you enjoy the VH1 Honors?

SC:"They were o.k."

Are you touring with the Rolling Stones?

SC: "I will be touring w/ the Stones very soon!"

Are you friends w/ James Taylor?

SC: "I'm not really friends with James, but my first concert when I was 13 was him"

What would you say to a 25 yr. old musician trying to get in the music business?

SC: "I would tell the 25 yr. old musician to stick with it & don't take any crap!"

Hard Rock SC: Sheryl is on a new free double CD out now called Hard Rock Picks available in the U.S. @ 26 Hard Rock restaurants. The CDs also include Blues Traveler, Tonic, Dishwalla & many more.

Sheryl's first ever TV appearance was on the NBC late night Show "Late Night with Conan O' Brien". She performed "Run Baby Run"

Sheryl Bio & Single News: Sheryl Crow was born on Feb 11th in Kennett, Missouri. She was very popular in her marching band in high school. At age 5 she was taught how to play classical piano. Sheryl's heart though would be in rock & roll bands like the Rolling Stones & Led Zeppelin."In High School, I listened to bands like The Band, Journey, Boston, Foreigner & Kanasas. My music is rock & roll for sure but it is also very country music based." Those bands would show up as an influence on her 16 million selling-grammy winning CD "Tuesday Night Music Club" and her second Best Pop Record Female Grammy for "Sheryl Crow" with has already sold over 1 million copies worldwide. At 20, Sheryl played in the St. Louis Band Cashmere. I have been blessed to Sheryl twice in less then 3 years time & I received her "set list" original copy when she played here in Buffalo NY in 94. She has been working on numerous side projects before "Sheryl Crow" including working with Eric Clapton on of all things a techno-record, T.D.F.-Retail Therapy.

Special Thanks To: my family, Courtney from A&M Records for answering my email & for appreciating the time I took to write the letter!Also
to VH-1/MTV, Polygram Records(Sheryl's Britain Label) & A&M Records for these pics!!
Also to Sheryl Crow making such beautiful music! Sarah E. for her caring & support of me. My friends Deb, Dee all on AOL & my dear friends Danielle T., Cliona S., Rebecca from Australia & Amanda who supported me a lot in making this page. To all sc fans, Thank You & God bless you all!! Links Below!

TND Wav-30 second clip.

Grammy 1998.

Sessions @ West 54th

The Official Rolling Stones World Tour Site presented Virgin Records!!

Check Out Plaster Sandals a band who has worked with Sarah McLachlan's Band & Letters to Cleo.