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since site redesign on Sept. 1, 2006.

Updated March 2018

new news -- “rollerskate” video below.

Have sheryl crow info about concerts, upcoming tv appearances, new photos, etc. please email me. The record company isn't helping me on any upcoming sheryl info, so it kinda stinks!

Also, I need ur help. It has come to my attention that my fan site server company, -- has been hacked. This fan site is safe to look through. but if you notice a quick redirect to another URL, or www page, while this main page is loading, PLEASE EMAIL ME, by clicking on the "email me" link below. let me know what the URL redirect address is, or www address that you receive. Then I'll let Tripod know, so maybe we can find out, who this hacker is & stop them. I think this hacking is totally awful, hurts this very fan site, & my feelings as the sole writer of it.

Please feel free 2 E - MAIL ME :)

HI all, I'm "back" with a new fansite title "himself". The new SC album "Be Myself" is out now. I wanted to change my site title cause I always disliked the title "My/be Angels" - so consider this site as "Sal Falgiano's Himself" now. Enjoy a new live video below. more news, videos, etc to come.

***Click on "Thanks" page LINK (in second grid at the very bottom of this page) - now includes Sheryl (youtube version) albums!!!

** "Sheryl News" page - 8 classic Crow videos! (link 2 SN page near the bottom of this on site.

24,000 + Hits / Visits 2 This Fansite From 1997-2006.

***2 to 3 annoying pop-ups may appear on your screen - click the small "x" in your browser window to close them. nothin' I can do about 'em but i wish I could, ads. bummer for sure.

One thing about internet browsers: best viewed w/ browsers - Internet Explorer 9 or later, Mozilla Firefox, etc. Some videos / photos might take a min. or two to load. Some might not display correctly on handheld devices like Ipad 2 or Ipad Air.

It's sadly not something I can correct. It's basic internet tech issues that arise at times. Sorry about that.

"Classic" photos - August 14, 2012 show - CLICK HERE!

ARTPARK CONCERT VIDS BELOW - 6 TOTAL! Another review - click here too. :)

Crow's bio story - 45 min. Click here 2 watch it. U Might have to hit the "Refresh" button on your browser, once at Bio site - which reloads the page - then film will likely play. Or try sliding the film a few min. when audio plays 2 see film. I had problems myself tech wise to watch it but I could. it's worth it right? :) To watch this ep, you do need QuickTime player. Does play on an iPad too - which I think is cool.

"You're No Good" video, just so u know has a few minutes of dizzy camera movement, so just skip a few min. on that one. It gets silly, the camera stuff, trust me. I didn't take it.

**EXTRA SPECIALS - Crow bootleg album covers - see link on Sheryl News page!!

"The Watcher"- Drawing by Rob Falgiano - my brother.

Sheryl's on tour - check out 4 details!

Ladies & Gens - Artpark Videos - Enjoy!

Fansite Originally Designed & Written by Sal Falgiano on March 22 (My Dad's Birthday) 1997. I live in Buffalo NY.

The original single page site here from 1997 of the "Sheryl & Alanis site", that I ever wrote. I know it doesn't look too good now - but it was created with an old dail up modem. There were pics, a banner & links (now all broken) from linkexchange back then. What a trip for me to see this page.

Photo from Rolling Stone Magazine

Buffalo Sabres! Logo -

Grateful Thanks To: God once more, Family & Friends.

My humble & heartfelt thanks to all the visitors to this site over 13+ years now. In random order, just some of the places where fans are from, that have landed at my 'lil page. Thank U to - The States & Canada, Australia, England, Italy, Japan, Germany, Brazil, Singapore, Netherlands, Sweden, Austria, Portugal, Denmark, Spain, Argentina, Finland, Belgium, Uruguay, Israel, Czech Republic, Ireland, Switzerland, New Zealand, Norway, Hungary, Malaysia, Croatia, Russia, Korea, Mexico, Latvia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Peru, Slovakia, Vietnam, South Africa - whew & that's only some of the places.

2 Pics below from Sheryl's Facebook Page. Snowmass June 25, 2011

Sheryl News Grammy Pics 2000 Grammy Pics 2001 Grammy Pics 2001 page 2
C'mon C'mon Speedway Rockin' Late NightLate Show
M C M Photos 2001 Maxim Pics Maxim Pics 2 Minus Man Movie

Buffalo, NY Rocks the spot Yo!